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As with the rest of life - there are no magic wands...

Critical Success Factors 

Results can be positive and lasting but require a number of factors in order to succeed. In my experience successful coaching needs:


  • To be part of an integrated learning and development culture: Coaching is most effective when it forms part of a broader l&d programme and in is delivered in culture of continuous learning.

  • Commitment from all parties: Success is based on the commitment of the individual and the organisation – particularly the line manager. If it isn’t there then it is better not to start. The coach matters, has a role to play but cannot ultimately force someone against their will.

  • Clear Contract:  It is critical to achieve clarity of what is trying to be achieved and not achieved by all parties, and also to adjust this as required.

  • Integrity: If I can't help. I won't. Better to shake hands and work together to find a more suitable alternative.

  • Confidentiality and Trust: This is absolutely critical. Client has to trust the coach otherwise the relationship will fail. 


The time frame for the coaching relationship is dependent on the issues to be addressed. There are situations when objectives can be achieved within a couple of sessions. This works well when the focus is on achieving a short term objective such as a presentation of a client bid.


Conversely, there is often a requirement for a series of one to one meetings to achieve the desired outcome(s). These interventions run as a series of 4-6 meetings, with each meeting lasting 2-3 hours.

Access to a Professional & Experienced Network

Over the last two decades, Andrew has built a wide network of professional and experienced coaches and mentors - who operate independently or part of an organisation. Working with Andrew means having access to working with these individuals and organisations too. 


The lockdowns have taught us about the power of being outdoors in nature - Andrew is keen to use nature as a platform to provide coaching in some of his favourite places including on foot in Dartmoor or on the water around Devon. 

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