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“I worked with Andrew during my transition from a functional lead to a board level leadership role. My success had been built on my specialist knowledge and I now lacked confidence when operating in front of some of the more seasoned leaders who (I felt had much more to offer). Andrew truly listened to my account of the challenges I was facing and offered insights that help me shift my perception of the situation significantly and enabled me to take action improve both my confidence and contribution.”  

Head of Advisory – FTSE30

"I was working with a new group of stakeholders, and felt that I was not making best opportunity to influence them. Andrew really helped me to understand their formal and informal 'needs' and 'requirements', and how to adapt my style and message to engage them - this has really helped me open new horizons.”

Senior Civil Servant, Whitehall

"Andrew is a very fine business minded coach who builds strong rapport with his clients. I have been coached by Andrew and observed him coaching others. He seems to hold that fine balance between a deep questioning style and creating a safe supportive space for his clients to work things out. He has held senior roles, but keeps that well hidden when coaching. What comes through is a genuine guy that many people will like to work with."


Head of Innovation - Global Business School

"I'm always impressed with Andrew's clear thinking, his ability to read people and his creativity. He's a strong people manager and an excellent coach, who brings business acumen, supportive challenge and empathy to his coaching. It's a powerful combination."

VP - Global Human Capital Firm

“Andrew worked with me over a period of several months after I took on a new, and higher profile role. Andrew helped me to understand how important it would be to work effectively with my diverse stakeholder group, recognising that it would be much more challenging than anything I had tackled previously. Andrew had a really clear method, which took me through mapping out my stakeholder landscape, identifying their motivations, and then developing a strategy for each individual which would enable me to secure their support in the pursuit of my own goals and objectives. Without Andrew's structured approach, I would have undoubtedly faced all manner of blockers.  However, through his support, I was able to deliver successfully and keep my stakeholders happy at the same time.” 

Partner, Big Four Professional Services Firm

“I have a lot of experience in successfully executing major global campaigns. However in executing an opportunity of considerable importance I wanted to ensure that I had covered all eventualities. Andrew worked with me and was able to bring fresh insight, thinking and customer perspective. Andrew is easy to work with and has a lot of experience; we made a good team and were successful.”

Head of Strategic Sales, FTSE30

"What I most like about Andrew is the way he works to a very strong set of principles. He wants to see the real person, and really values the individual. He makes business much more about people, and takes the time to get to know you. He is a person in business who puts people first. He has a very considered approach to situations - not jumping to the easy option - instead taking a patient thoughtful route to finding the best answer. He is a very fair evaluator - able to approach things from different perspectives. This was immensely important in coaching me when I first picked up my Head of Strategy role a couple of years ago. Andrew understood the dynamics, helped me identify strengths to build on, and just how to get better results." 


Head of Digital Strategy - FTSE 100

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