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Career Planning

Career planning is must if you want a semblance of control over your future.

An holistic and integrated career plan is also a key retention tool and will allow sponsoring organisations to better understand the depth of leadership talent available to them.


  • Effectively manage your career. High potential employees are more likely to stay if they feel the organise has a plan for them – even if that plan changes! As the end client I will help you (and your organisation) focus on developing career plans that will allow them to develop their leadership competencies over time. Critically this will include aspects of succession planning to ensure that they are not leaving a void.


  • Navigate a promotion process. As a senior leader I have successfully passed and sat on numerous promotion boards. My role (particularly with emerging leaders) is not to help you gain unfair advantage but to understand how you need to conduct and develop yourself throughout the end to end process (which – as with career planning - may take months if not years). 


“I had reached a potential crossroads in my career and due to a combination of personal and market considerations I wanted to think through how I could move forward. These were big decisions. Andrew provided a sounding board whereby I could develop my thinking in a safe, ‘in-confidence’ environment  – and I could be really honest about how I felt. It really helped that Andrew had been through these challenges himself and I felt I was talking to someone who understood.

Partner, Big Four Professional Services Firm

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