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Working with leaders to develop their current and future leadership competencies.

  • Improve self awareness, impact and presence. This is so critical but the most difficult to achieve. It requires you as the leader to be open to feedback and to have regular access to constructive and honest feedback (which is so very rare). Andrew will work with you and your key stakeholders to develop your self-awareness based on how you are actually perceived not how you believe you are perceived.     


  • Effectively transition from manager/specialist to leader and then from leader to senior leader. Many leaders are promoted on what they have achieved rather than what they are capable of achieving. Andrew will work alongside you during these crucial transition periods to help you develop the requisite skills and competencies.


  • Improve working relationships with key stakeholders such as their bosses, peers and direct reports. Creating effective relationships with key stakeholders is fundamental. Andrew will work with you to help you understand your stakeholder landscape and develop the skills and behaviours to deliver the outcomes from these stakeholders.


  • Expand the range of leadership styles. One size does not fit all. There are many leadership styles and the most accomplished leaders can switch between seamlessly. Andrew will work with you to help you reflect on your dominant style, understand its impact and start to develop a broader range of styles.


  • Become more effective in their communication styles. Effective communication is so much more than the ‘all staff’ email. Andrew will work with you to assess the range of communication styles (verbal and non-verbal) that you need to adopt to be successful – whether this be where you choose to sit in the office or how often you go to the coffee machine (and what you do when you are there!).


  • Build and lead effective teams. Whether they are big, small, dedicated or virtual, it is extremely rare for a leader to succeed without an effective team. Andrew will help you to build and then, most importantly, lead these teams in a way that allows both you and the team to get results.

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